Your Li-bra-ry Wants Your Po-e-try

Northumberland County Public Library,  “Ye Old Book Shoppe” and the shop’s Philosophical Society will host a second poetry reading contest, “Ars Poetica II” or “The Art of Poetry” on Thursday, April 20, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. The contest will be at the shop at: 7072 Northumberland Hwy., Heathsville, Virginia (across from the Subway).

All forms of poetry offered by all ages are welcome. Readings can include original poems, classical poems, song lyrics, and whimsical poems, but please keep it for a P.G. Audience.

Points will be awarded for original costumes should anyone so desire. Two contest categories will be judged – poems recited by memory and poems that are read.

Contributions to the book store are solicited from contestants, with the suggestion of fifty cents for recitations by memory and a dollar for those read. Contestants may enter more than once. Winners in each category will be allowed to choose a book of poetry from the bookstore. After the contest, all non-contestants who attend will be asked to read a poem selected for them by the judges.

The contest is named after Horace’s”Ars Poetica,” which was composed sometime between 20 B.C. and 13 B.C., and outlines principles of poetry, including knowledge, decorum, and sincerity, and introduced Horace as both a poet and critic. In the piece, he advises poets to read widely, strive for precision, and seek honest criticism.

For more information contact the library at 580-5051.

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